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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Anything Goes Challenge No. 132

Hiya, fellow crafty peeps!
Welcome to Challenge No. 132 sponsored by The Paper Nest Dolls!
This challenge will run through till Tuesday, July 25th. We will be back tomorrow to announce our TOP 3 for Challenge No. 131. Then my 'Dream Team' and I will be taking a break until Wednesday, September 6th. But what a great way to go into a break! We will all be in suspense to find out who is the winner of the wonderful prize from The Paper Nest Dolls on Thursday, July 26th!
I really hate to take a break right now, but I was the victim of a spider bite that has just turned my world upside down and not because I'm hanging from the ceiling by some silken threads! lol :p The guilty suspect is a wolf spider and I had a really bad reaction. I was bitten on the left side of my waist and it swelled, burned and itched something awful. At first... now it's down to a dull, throbbing ache. Some days, it feels like I can conquer the world... other days... I think the world will conquer me! :p So anyway, I am hoping that taking a bit of a break to focus on my health will turn the tables and I'll be up and ready to resume life when it's all over and done with. Thank you to the three of you who took the time to wish me well! It did not go unnoticed! :D <3 I was touched you took time to leave me a kind word. :)
For now, please enjoy some creations from my Team and me using some super cute images from The Paper Nest Dolls!
Hello everyone, I'm Christine... Wife, mommy and artist. Paper Nest Dolls is my stamp line, inspired by my 6 amazing children and their friends. Everything is hand drawn and hand made. We have our own stamp machine and make the stamps ourselves...a true mom and pop business! Our stamps are excellent quality, deep etched red rubber, cling mounted and contour cut...perfect for all your crafting needs. In addition to the rubber we also offer digital images as well. So we have something for everyone!
Inspiration Destination Challenge Blog is an anything goes, weekly challenge blog and you have until Tuesday, July 25th, midnight, CST to link up with us! xx


  1. That spider bite sounds nasty. Take care of yourself - and hope you are recovered soon. Enjoy your break too.

  2. What a massive reaction :-( - try rubbing a freshly cut onion onto the site - I know it eases bee stings especially as they get itchy. Prayers for a complete recovery

  3. Oh my!!! I hope your recovery continues and your world gets put back to right. Spider bites can be some of the worst especially since you can't easily see exactly what bit you so have to guess at the culprit. You need the rest, you need the break. I hope it helps!!

  4. Oh wow! Wishing you strength and healing!

  5. Man, Those bites are nothing to play with! I know some one who was bitten on her arm and it literally ate her flesh away all the way to the bone. . . . Make sure you get some good resting recovery!

  6. Sorry to hear, take care and have plenty of rest.
    Great inspiration from the design team xx

  7. Get well soon! spider bites are the worst...
    xoxo Olga

  8. Please delete my #206 - it was posted in error, having already been shown on my blog previously. x


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