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Tuesday, July 17, 2018


Thank you to all who visited and participated in our challenges. We so enjoyed having you play along with our challenges and, I, as the owner was so very grateful for the support from each of you who followed us.
Life has been incredibly messy for me and my 'Dream Team' was practically carrying the entire weight of the blog and I did not think it was fair to them. They are an awesome group of women and no one ever complained. I am the one who did all the complaining. haha! ;D 
Again, please know, that from the bottom of my heart, I am so grateful to each and every one of you who stopped by. God bless and hopefully, I will someday see you on Blogland, and if we're friends on FB, I'm sure I'll see you there as well. :)


  1. I'm sad to see this blog closing Ema but completely understand. Thank you to the DT for all their wonderful inspiration. I hadn't joined in much recently due to some personal issues but was a regular up until then. Best wishes for the future Ema and DT.

  2. So sad to see you go. Good luck to Ema and the DT. Take care of yourself. It has been such a joy to be part of this group. I will miss all of you. Hope to see you in Blogland. Hugs, Gloria


  3. It is sad to see this blog go away but I understand. I did not always participate, but enjoyed the times I did. All the best to you and the DT members.

  4. Aahh sad :(!
    I will miss you alland this Challenge blog!
    Big thanks and hugs to you all, for the Challenges and the beautiful Dt Cards that you made.
    Hugs from Holland, Crealientje.

  5. It is so sad. Good luck, my friend.

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