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Hi, I'm Alicia Bel.
Since childhood, I drew all the time. I also like to make cards. I studied teaching and then Fine Arts. I learned anatomy, composition and many things to make most interesting my drawings. My drawings are very sweet, innocent and sometimes sexy. I'm a bit childish and I really like princess stories, and beautiful, simple, and happy things.
Hello I am Mi Ran artist and owner of Artbymiran, I was born in Seoul, South Korea. I grew up with Korean and Japanese Manga. In my childhood, I loved drawing and making my own little stories. I moved to Canada in my late 20s, where I reside with my husband.
Artbymiran turned one year this past July, and I can’t believe how far we have come in just 1 years’ time.
We have our main blog where my wonderful and talented showcase designers shares creations daily, a bi-weekly challenge blog showcasing fabulous creations to inspire by my super talented designers. Our Fan base Facebook page, a place to share your creations, chat with fellow crafters, and play in monthly challenges.
I also found the wonderful opportunity to turn my digital images into rubber stamps, you can see all of my stamps at Whimsystamps.com and Treasuredtimesrubberstamps.com.
I love sharing my art, creating new images. I receive so much joy seeing others make them into beautiful works of art.
Mi Ran

Beccy’s Place Digital Designs by Beccy Muir
My paper obsession began with scrapbooking in the late 1990s and has since evolved into card-making and digital drawing. There were a few years of decorative painting, teddy bear making and silk ribbon embroidery mixed in there too. I still dabble in each of those crafts (and many others) from time to time but I generally gravitate toward paper, which I find versatile and forgiving.
I started “doodling” little designs for cards back in 2009, which is when I started my blog and began sharing my images with other Cardies. From there I progressed to my very own online store selling digital drawings for cards and other paper craft projects. Some of my images have now been made into rubber stamps by the wonderful team over at Sparkle N Sprinkle. These days you can usually find me “hanging out” over on my blog,www.beccysplace.blogspot.com.
We have several rubber stamp lines featuring over 10,000 designs. We have been offering our own unique stamps and supplies to the craft industry for over 15 years and have loved every minute of it! Keep an eye on our page as we have lots more designs to add!
At Eureka Stamps, our images are available as unmounted, deep etched, natural red rubber stamps OR as digital stamps.
Originally from Germany, the love of my life brought me to California, where I'm a busy mom of three boys and a hyper Border Collie Mix dog at day and a secret doodler at night. Creating Stamps is a wonderful way to share the giggles I get out of cute drawings. Seeing the designs transformed by so many talented cardmakers is just amazing and I'm so grateful for that.
My Whimsical Little World is a digi store located in the Ottawa Valley. I sketch out my images with paper and pencils first. Once I am happy with what I have, then it becomes a digi stamp. All images are original art work created by Paola Jofre. I love to draw. I also love to see the digis come to life with color. Hope you like my digis as much as I enjoy creating them.
From our Home to another. That's what I feel when I´m working in our images and they travel electronically to other homes of the world. I feel lucky with this job. It's wonderful to make a living doing what I love. It's like playing, like when I was a child and I was filled with illusion because I had a new coloring book. Of course that is not the same. There are more responsibilities. But although this is more serious, I try to never lose the illusion behind what I do. I really like it, I enjoy it, however this is not always as easy as it seems. In everything we do we put all our efforts. It is a small family business, which was growing a lot over time. If you knew the story behind each picture! Some came easily and without obstacles, others cost a lot, and why not with some frustration too! That's not something you say, but it's true. Trust me! Sometimes I get a little picky and I begin to see hair in the soup everywhere. But at some point, the drawing put back on track and I begin to flow with it. Pedro makes the drawings in the old school way: pencil and paper. By now we have many more folders with pictures than family albums! ;o) I do all the digital inking, the coloring and I take care of almost everything related to the store, design, administration, etc. And trust if I tell you this is not disproportionate. Without Pedro’s drawings the store simply could not exist.
Something that I love about this job is that I think it represents a good time to the other. Well I hope so! Haha! I can imagine to our customers, our team and some other teams printing the files and painting the picture for some challenge, for some design team, for some craft for a special occasion or just because they feel like. That's the best reason by the way. So, sell something (big or tiny) that represents a moment of pleasure, of relaxation, of amusement sounds really good, don't you think? That's what I feel most of the time when I'm working!
Since 2005, more or less, I'm doing digital images. I had another shop, before having "The Paper Shelter".
I sold other types of products always painted with my beloved Wacom tablet and with the indispensable help of Photoshop (my main working tool). I was lucky to be published in books, magazines and collectible card games when I used to make digital paintings, but although I am proud of it, those things have not been the most important things to me over the years. The ego never was my best adviser and once you are able to take control of yourself you can focus in the most important thing: Put all your energies and love in what you like, give the best from you, share with people and forget a little bit of the goals and achievements. Ironically, this most innocent attitude has always lead me to more prosperous places.
I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina with my lovely family, my husband Pedro and our beloved son Gabriel. I absolutely self-taught and I always tried to improve my skills in order to provide nice and high quality products to my clients. I’m not trying to be the best, I jus try to involved with what I do and fill it with good energy. And by the way… I’m Veronica. Thanks for reading :o) Yes, yes; english is not my native language, so be gentle and skips all the mistakes ;o)
Thank you so much for having us as your sponsor at INSPIRATION DESTINATION. We at TSB are very proud to offer original digital images and artwork to you. Thank you for giving us a few minutes of your valuable time to look over the store Good luck in the challenge and we hope to see you over at our store. Good luck to all in the challenge and we can't wait to see your creations!

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